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It is normal for a child to sick in the car during travelling. This type of situation is called “Motion sickness”. For example, if your child sits in the back seat of the car and not able to see out of the window or your child reading a book, then the inner ear of your children feel motion, but his body or eyes would not. The drawbacks will be a cold sweat, vomiting or loss of appetite, fatigue, and stomach upset. If you want to prohibit your kid from motion sickness, then read our article to the bottom line. We will show 8 best ways to prevent sickness in your child while travelling.

Use bland trip meals:

Avoid using spicy fast food, rich and greasy foods before or during travelling. If your journey is not long, then try to keep away from food altogether before you arrive at your destination. Some snacks like few nips of water and natural or plain snacks, will unlikely to set off an upset stomach.

Use peppermint or ginger:

In case of nausea, many people recommend using peppermint or ginger. If your child did not like ginger then queasy naturals, queasy drops, queasy pops are flavors mixed with peppermint or ginger, you can also use these ingredients. These are specially made to relieve your child queasy stomach.

Take some medicines:

If your child susceptible to car sickness then ask your anesthesiologist for precautions. Dramamine is best for a two-year-old child. Benadryl is best for six years or above the child. Read the label carefully or ask your pediatrician before using any medicine. Common side effects by these medicines are “Drowsiness”.

Stop Frequently:

If your child is feeling sick, then stop the vehicle at the side of the road and let him get out and let him ramble around. Put the bandage in cool water and place it on his forehead will help him

get healthy again.

Praise the view:

If your child is reading a book, he will feel motion but his body or eyes not. So, take away the DVDs, tablets, video games, and coloring from your child. Try playing music in your car and sing it with your child. Some pediatrician suggests that sit your kid in the middle seat so that your child will look at the front window. It will help.

Offer distractions:

If you feel that your child become sick, then try to distract him. Try playing action music and sing it with your child or playing car games like I spy, memory games etc.

Ear pain:

It is normal for a kid to experience ear discomfort during plane departure. Try to encourage your child to yawn, swallow, and chew gum. These things will help in ear adjust.

Decrease sensory input:

Encourage your kid to look outside the window rather than focusing on video games, movies, and books. If your kid feels sleep, then let him sleep. This will help him to prevent motion sickness.

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